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Multikopter RTF (Ready to Fly) FPV ready

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Frame:  Tarot IRONMAN 650 TL65B01 Rack 4 Axis Full Folding Carbon Fiber
Motors: Sunnysky X31085 900Kv
Speed controllers: Afro 30A (SimonK firmware)
Controller: APM 2,5, väline GPS.
Battery: 2x3S LiPo 4000mah
Flight time: 15 minutes
Transmitter: Spectrum (NEW) DX6
Battery charger: Hobbyking Accucell 6
Funcionality: Stabile flight, ALT Hold, Loiter, Guided Flight, Auto TAKE OFF, Auto Landing, Return to home, Return to Land.

Nimetus Laoseis Hind
Multikopter RTF (Ready to Fly) 1 998.00 EUR
950.00 EUR